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Posted by Jennifer
July 27, 2018
Made the Impossible, Possible!I was referred to Michelle by a friend who told me that Michelle settled her difficult custody case. When I hired her, I was on year 2 of a nasty divorce where we were fighting over everything from custody to property and had already had 2 failed prior mediations. Michelle came in and immediately figured out what needed to be accomplished to get my ex to come to the table. Miraculously, Michelle got us settled without me having to shell out for a third mediation and I couldn’t be happier!

Posted by Phalen
April 14, 2018
So gratefulWe hired Ms. Fulton to terminate my daughters biological fathers rights and have my husband adopt her. She did just that! We are so very grateful for everything she has done for us. She is a wonderful attorney and i would recommend her to anyone. She fights for her clients!

Posted by Paige
July 20, 2016
Very PleasedVery pleased with the service from Michelle Fulton Law Firm. I was initially with a different lawyer who took six months to do absolutely nothing with my divorce. Once I enlisted Michelle with a very fair price, it took less than two months to complete my divorce. Communication was a very big factor between the two law agencies. I was always able to get in contact with Michelle or Teri through emails or by phone. Teri at Fulton Law was always willing and available to give me an update, which helped the process go by much smoother.

Posted by Sandy
November 17, 2014
Great Family Lawyer!I had a tough battle over custody and child support. Michelle explained everything and went to battle for me. I’m glad she was on my side.

Posted by Rachel
November 3, 2014
Alyssandra Fulton is an Amazing Family LawyerAlyssandra Michelle Fulton is an outstanding family lawyer. So trustworthy. Knows her stuff. Talks so I can understand her. Great legal advice. Alyssandra helped me so much with family matters. Worth every penny. Highly recommend Alyssandra.

Posted by Stacie
October 29, 2014
AMAZING lawyer and an AMAZING personI used Michelle to revise custody/child support with my very difficult ex. Not only was she amazing, she kept me sane throughout the whole ordeal. She was very responsive, and trust me, I emailed her constantly. If I sent her an email at 10pm, she replied THAT NIGHT. She cares very much about her clients and that is very obvious. She kept me well informed the entire time and was upfront and honest with me. I wouldn’t even think of using anyone else. I can’t say enough good things about Michelle. She’s a great person and a great lawyer. I would recommend her to anyone, no doubt about that.

Posted by Katrina
June 4, 2014
U want Alyssandra Fulton on your side!She won my case effortlessly. She is truly amazing. She even had someone come out of courtroom to get her business card. If u need a lawyer for anything she handles she is the one u need without a doubt. She emailed and kept me update for the two years it took to finally go to trial and then couldn’t reach me and called me from her cell phone to make sure we were prepared for court. She is definitely worth more than 5 stars. ********

Posted by Jaysen
January 11, 2014
Best lawyer for traffic violationsI would deffinently recommend this lawyer to anyone. I had a speeding tocket and she got it down as low as possible for someone my age. I got a deal most never would. If you need a great lawyer to help you out, she os deffinently the one to call.

Posted by anonymous
December 4, 2013
Wish I would have used her earilierI got divorced in 2009 without using an attorney. Some of my rights were not included and honestly I had no clue what I should have asked for. A couple of years later my ex tried to move away with my baby. I had nothing in my divorce papers to stop her. A friend of mine told me about the free consult at Fulton’s Law firm so I went. And all I can say is she was great. With in a couple of days we were able to stop my ex from moving and then we got a location restriction put in the papers. So thankful I went here.

Posted by Roy
December 2, 2013
A Great Lawyer and Legal AdvisorI found Michelle back in 2012. I was looking to file for a divorce and gain custody of my children. Michelle agreed to represent me and walked me through the process of starting my divorce. Michelle explained to me that as a father, I would have a hard time getting custody of my children, even if I could prove that the mother was unfit and,or unstable. I explained my reasons for seeking custody and the process began. A year and a half later, I was in position to win custody of my children at our final hearing. Michelle encouraged me to make a decision based not on how I felt at the time, or all the BS my Ex put me through, or how much anger and resentment I had for her, but on what was best for my children. After a lot of praying and with the guidance of Michelle, I did just that; I made a decision based on what was best for my children and gave my Ex joint custody with certain conditions of housing stability, random testing, a morality clause, and a few others to ensure the well being of my kids . Now with the divorce behind us, the kids and happy and upbeat, and my Ex and I actually get along better now, that we did when we were married. I owe that to the moral and legal advise I got from Michelle during my divorce.
Michelle is honest and upfront. She is very knowledgeable, thorough, and fights for her clients. She has been a blessing and bright light for me and my family during one of our darkest times. I can’t thank her enough.

Posted by Susan
November 15, 2013
Excellent work by Fulton law firm for divorceMs. Fulton has gone beyond and above with my divorce case which I thought would be easy but was far from that. Michelle helped me personally and professionally get through what was hell. She did a lot legally and I was happy for the most part. The billing was sporadic and she is not cheap

Posted by Connie
August 29, 2012
Excellent Attorney!Michelle totally understood my expectations and came through for me in my time of need. She explained the divorce process and timeline and answered my questions every step of the way. She showed great empathy and compassion for a situation that was very difficult to me. I highly recommend her!

Posted by Ciria
December 23, 2010
Great person/great attorneyWe came to the Fulton Law firm to get several legal documents filed (living will, power of attorneys, LLC’s, probate, small lawsuit against college student at our lodge). Michelle and her staff were very helpful in educating us in what all was needed. She is very professional and her rates are very reasonable. I have and will continue to recommend the Michelle Fulton and the staff of The Fulton Law Firm to anyone in need of good legal advice.

Posted by Audrey
November 3, 2010
Great LawyerI would recommend Alyssandra Fulton to anyone going through a divorce. She was with me the whole time and kept me up on everything that was going on. Everything went smooth and fast!!
Not only was she a great lawyer for me but she has become a great friend!! Love this girl 🙂

Posted by Michelle
October 31, 2010
KnowledgableI feel that Michelle is very knowledgable in the types of law that she practises. She gave me timely updates on my cases (yes, there has been more than 1 that she has taken care of for me). She is very professional and understanding. I highly recommend her.

Posted by anonymous
October 29, 2010
Probate/WillsOn the first free intial consultation she really did prove to us how dedicated she is to her work. I needed to find a lawyer to be our mediator in the most difficult time of losing a loved one. I would highly recommend her because she has been through similar situations. That is why I chose her.. She carried on what she was to do for our family. I express my greatest gratitudes to her for doing such a wonderful job. A good lawyer is someone who takes pride in their work.