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Help with Name Changes in League City

The Fulton Law Firm is able to help you with any name changes you may need at our office in League City. We’ll double-check all the details and file the paperwork necessary to complete your name change, so you don’t have to deal with the particulars. If you’re already working with us in an area where a name change will be needed, we’ll ask you during the process if you want us to file these changes for you. We are always able to include that service as part of the paperwork as we move through the legal processes required.

There are many reasons people wish to change their name, and most have to do with family law situations. Often, these name changes will take place as part of the official proceeding themselves, but if the paperwork has not been filed, it can still be done at a later date. The Fulton Law Firm is able to assist you with legal name changes both as part of a larger scope process, such as a divorce, to those that are needed at a later date for one reason or another. The process is fairly straightforward and easy for our attorneys to complete, so contact us anytime to get started.

Learn more about the reasons people change their name below and contact us if you have any questions.

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Reasons for Name Change

People request legal name changes for a variety of different reasons, but there are some that are more common than others. At The Fulton Law Firm, we’re able to help you change your name for any reason, but these are the most frequent requests we see:

  • Post-divorce – Many women choose to take back their maiden name following a divorce.
  • Marriage – Marriage often results in a name change so both partners can share a last name. Hyphenated names are also a common request.
  • Minor children – Sometimes a minor child’s name may be changed to reflect that of the custodial parent. Name changes also often take place when a child is adopted into a new family.
  • Name preference – Sometimes people just want to change their name because they dislike the name they currently have. It’s important to note that even if you have your name changed legally, you are still responsible for updating any paperwork on important documents or forms of identification. We’re not able to take care of these details as part of the process.

Why Use Us for Your Name Change?

Although you don’t need legal representation to change your name officially, it can be smart to work with a professional to make sure all the paperwork is filed properly and the process is complete. Once finished, you can do things such as open a bank account or get a driver’s license without issue. Our attorneys have handled countless name changes over the years, so you can be sure all the necessary forms are filed when you work with our team. Contact us today for additional information or to request name change assistance in Galveston or Harris counties.

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