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Legal Assistance with Child Support in League City

The Fulton Law Firm can help guide you through the legal process involved in child support. Contact one of our attorneys at the office in League City, TX, to discuss your needs. We provide caring help and knowledgeable legal guidance.

The Fulton Law Firm helps clients handle legal issues that have to do with child support in League City and beyond. Our dedicated team of attorneys has worked with many parents and guardians in Galveston and Harris counties to address enforcement of child support and set up legal paperwork establishing original agreements. We understand that this can be a very sensitive subject and emotions may run high. Our lawyers can help advise you based on solid experience and years of knowledge. Child support agreements are serious business, and we don’t take them lightly.

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Understanding Child Support and Enforcement

Child support consists of payments that the non-custodial parent makes to contribute to the growth and care of their child. The amount of support given is outlined by Texas law and is based on the average monthly net resources of the person who is providing financial assistance. There can be other mitigating factors, such as whether the custodial parent has children from another relationship. Special guidelines may apply if there are disabled children, if a parent is in jail, or in any number of other circumstances. We’re able to advise you no matter what situation you’re trying to navigate.

Enforcing child support payments may require legal action, and we’re prepared to help you with that as well. If you are facing a situation where child support payments have stopped or the person who should be paying them won’t release the money, there are ways to address the issue.

Altering & Modifying Child Support

Often times circumstances change throughout a child’s needs for additional support. With our help, you may be able to alter the amount of required allowance for child support. These reasons can include a change in the child’s financial needs, change in either parent’s income, relocation, or a custodial parent’s remarriage. If you feel the need to alter your current child support amount, call us to set up an appointment so we may assess the situation and find the best outcome for your family’s situation.


If a former spouse has not made child support payments or is refusing to pay, there are certain processes the custodial parent can go through to obtain payment. Texas law provides legal options to compel payment from the non-custodial parent.

  • Interception of unemployment tax refunds through insurance
  • Wage garnishment from employer
  • Property execution
  • Filing liens against their property and or assets
  • Suspension of driver’s and/or professional license
  • File a lawsuit against non-custodial parent requesting a court to intervene and enforce payment. This can result in the judge ordering probation or a jail sentence.
    At The Fulton Law Firm, we will aid you with whichever situation you are going through and find the optimal outcome for your challenge.

Legal Paperwork Needed

Child support payments can be negotiated as part of the divorce process, and they may not always require litigation. Our office also provides mediation services to clients who are trying to avoid excess fees and lengthy court battles. If you think you may want to pursue this option, please contact us for additional information. We’ll be glad to help you evaluate whether it may work in your particular circumstance. We have helped many people work through their legal issues related to child support agreements and child support modification.

An enforcement action may be filed in cases where a parent is not paying the child support they have been ordered to pay by the court. The Fulton Law Firm can assist you in gathering any and all paperwork needed to pursue delinquent child support payments to the fullest extent possible through legal channels. For help with child support and enforcement, please contact our attorneys to schedule a meeting today.

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